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Your body is a well-oiled machine – that is until it isn’t. All too often, our bodies are broken down by injuries, chronic conditions, and even the dreaded aging process. The result? You’ll realize that things aren’t working quite as well as they used to, and you’re dealing with a lot more regular pain than you’d like.

But if you’ve been assuming that persistent pain is just another part of life, we have news for you: you don’t have to live like this anymore. Thanks to advancements in medicine, there are new options for kicking chronic pain to the curb and getting yourself back into great shape.

One of the most popular treatments at Focal Point Vitality is our regenerative injection therapy (RIT),. These minimally-invasive injections provide maximum results, using the power of biology to get the job done. With just a short series of RIT sessions, you can permanently say goodbye to your pain and hello to living your best life once again – what do you have to lose?

What is Regenerative Injection Therapy & Who is It Best for?

Regenerative Injection is a treatment that targets connective tissue injuries and chronic joint pain with minimally-invasive injections, delivering a boost of growth factor in and around the area of pain. By triggering mild inflammation, the injections send your body the message to kick healing into high gear and resolve the injury once and for all.

At Focal Point Vitality, we typically recommend RIT for guests that have chronic pain in their soft tissues or joints – especially those that haven’t been able to find relief with other treatment options.

Conditions Treated with Prolotherapy

An ideal option for anyone experiencing soft tissue and joint pain, RIT can be a great match for Focal Point guests with back/neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, herniated/degenerated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic tendonitis, or injured ligaments, tendons, or cartilage.

How Prolotherapy, Prolozone, and PRP Therapies are Different

Prolotherapy (RIT), prolozone, and PRP therapies are all related, but also have a few key differences that you should know about:


For decades, prolotherapy has been the go-to option for joint and soft tissue pain. A growth-promoting solution is injected in the targeted area, causing mild inflammation as a motivator for the body to intensify its healing efforts.


Also delivered as an injection, prolozone is a therapy that uses ozonated oxygen to stimulate healing without causing any inflammation.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Using platelet-rich plasma from FDA approved equipment and from your own blood, this treatment injects a powerful cocktail of growth factors and healing properties to speed up recovery and healing.

Using Undifferentiated Cells for RIT

In many RIT treatment plans, we opt to incorporate undifferentiated cells, a specific kind of cell that hasn’t yet developed into its final form. In a process called differentiation, these cells evolve into a wide variety of cell types, such as skin, brain, or lung cells. This makes them hugely valuable when it comes to regenerative medicine because they can be used to repair, replace, renew, and even reprogram failing cells.

The Focal Point Vitality Difference

Focal Point is a leading provider of regenerative injections in Phoenix, and for good reason – here, our patients become part of the Focal Point family from their very first appointment. Our mission in delivering RIT is to give you relief from frustrating pain, which is why we’ve assembled a team of experts and the best pain treatment therapies in the industry.

When you come to Focal Point Vitality, you’re gaining a partner in your lifelong health and wellness. We’ll work with your rehab center or medical provider, making sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to getting you healthy. Right from the start, you’ll be given a customized treatment plan that accounts for the severity of your pain and your specific goals. In as little as three treatments, you’ll be back to your former, pain-free self – there is an end in sight!

Relieve Your Chronic Pain with Regenerative Injections from Focal Point

Are you tired of being disappointed in the pain relief options offered by various pain management clinics in Phoenix and the rest of the Valley? Living with chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting everything from your favorite hobbies and love life to your performance at work and in the gym. Stop settling for a subpar quality of life and reclaim your best self with regenerative injections in Scottsdale from Focal Point Vitality.

Our highly-trained team can create a tailored treatment plan featuring prolotherapy, prolozone, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in a combination that best suits your needs. Plus, we have additional treatment options like exosome therapy, growth factor therapy and regenerative IV drips.

Live the best version of yourself and eliminate your pain for good: book an appointment with Focal Point Vitality today.

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