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At Focal Point Vitality, we believe that supporting women in the pursuit of optimal health requires professional expertise, a range of highly effective treatment options, and most of all, genuine compassion and a willingness to truly listen to our guests.

Here, you can be confident that our team of professionals won’t simply offer short-term “Band-Aid” solutions like birth control and antidepressants; instead, we work tirelessly to assess your specific concerns and deliver highly-tailored solutions that suit your individual needs.

While experiencing challenges with hormonal imbalance, decreased sex drive, weight gain, and symptoms of menopause are a common part of the aging process, that doesn’t mean you have to accept a decline in your quality of life.

Our women’s health clinic services feature an exceptional selection of treatment options to help you resolve frustrating symptoms and rediscover the best version of yourself.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances are one of the most common culprits behind what many women dismiss as the expected signs of aging – but did you know that there are proven ways to restore your body’s natural state of equilibrium?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a highly customizable approach that specifically targets your body’s hormonal deficiencies, replenishing them to healthy levels and giving you the boost you need to look and feel incredible.

  • Estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy can often relieve symptoms such as weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, and restless sleep, also reducing general menopause symptoms. Focal Point Vitality utilizes bioidentical estrogen and progesterone, offering a low-risk option that’s proven highly effective for our guests.
  • Testosterone therapy is an option often overlooked by other health professionals, despite being vital to your overall hormonal balance, sexual drive and satisfaction, energy levels, mood, and bone density.
  • Growth hormone therapy can help you get back into shape and achieve a lean, strong body, supporting excellent energy levels, sleep quality, mental function, and moods. Our team uses precise dosages to ensure optimal results for each guest.

Menopause Help Phoenix Arizona

Menopause Treatment

Hot flashes, low sex drive, headaches, weight gain, breakouts, and hair loss – these are just a few of the dreaded symptoms of menopause.

Dealing with menopause can leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and undesirable, but menopause treatment from Focal Point Vitality can help you conquer your symptoms with ease.

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hormonal health, which is why we tailor each treatment to fit the individual needs and goals of each of our guests.

Together, we’ll help you learn more about your hormonal health, guiding you through the process of treating and resolving the symptoms of menopause.

Low Libido

Sexuality is part of every woman’s life. All of our bodies have the potential to feel physical excitement and pleasure, just as men do. Intimacy between the sheets is associated with a large number of health benefits such as being happier and feeling more connected to their partners.

For women that feel unsatisfied with their sex lives, it’s often surprising to learn that they’re not alone – more than 60 percent of women have admitted to wanting more in the bedroom.

If a decrease in sex drive has led to a lack of intimacy, less sexual satisfaction, or even challenges in your relationship, treatments such as PT 141, oxytocin, and testosterone replacement therapy can help.

Methods of Delivery for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Any of these hormones, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone can be administered alone or in combination. While there is no “best” method of administration of these, there are preferred routes based on science.

  • Oral
  • Injection
  • Bio identical Pellets (BioTe, SottoPelle, ect)
  • Transdermal Patch
  • Transdermal Gel/Cream
  • Sublingual
  • Suppositories

During your consultation with the Doctor, there will be discussion around the topics below that help guide in the recommendation of the administration route.

  • Symptoms
  • Type of menopause
  • Hormones being delivered
  • Concurrent medical conditions
  • Activity level
  • Age at menopause
  • Response to previous therapy
  • Current age
  • Intolerance to previous HRT program

Ultimately, the choice of which hormone or hormones and which route of administration should depend on what each individual is comfortable with in view of what she perceives to be her needs, goals and lifestyle.

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There’s no reason to settle for feeling less than your best, especially with the highly effective women’s health treatment options available from Focal Point Vitality. By establishing a detailed picture of your overall health, our experts are able to pinpoint the root causes of your symptoms and recommend personalized solutions.

You’ll finally be able to regain control of your health and happiness, enjoying a renewed quality of life and a welcome return to feeling like yourself.

Contact Focal Point Vitality today for more information about our advanced therapies and treatment options, and let us help you live the happy, healthy life you deserve

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