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Libido refers to one’s sexual drive. Some people naturally have a low libido, while other people develop certain health conditions that reduce it later on in life. While people often think men want to have sex all the time, the truth of the matter is that low libido can drastically impact a man’s sex life, which can snowball into other areas of their lives. A lowering in sexual desire can lead to a decrease in confidence, anxiety, and frustration, but know that there is a solution. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can boost a man’s libido, increasing confidence, and getting you back to the man you’ve always been. If you think you are experiencing a low libido or a decrease in your sexual desire, Focal Point Vitality is here to help you pinpoint the issue and find what solution is best for you.

Causes of Low Libido in Men

A myriad of issues can result in low libido. Numerous medications lower testosterone levels, which in turn negatively impacts libido. The most common medicines that lead to this include ACE inhibitors and blood pressure medications. Mental health problems, such as depression, can affect virtually all aspects of a person’s life, including one’s sex life.


Other common explanations include:

  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Too much or too little exercise
  • Low self-esteem
  • Excessive stress
  • Sleep apnea
  • Chronic illnesses

The doctors at Focal Point Vitality are not just interested in addressing low testosterone on its own. We look at underlying causes to improve multiple areas of your life simultaneously.

Low Libido Symptoms

Low libido is different from erectile dysfunction. With low libido, a man may still be able to perform sexually, but he has no desire to do so. He may even engage in sexual activities to make his partner happy, but his heart and mind are not in it. These emotions can come about after a regular adult life of healthy sexual activity. Men and their partners should be aware when a change has taken place so that they can take steps to address it.

Potential Treatments for Low Libido in Men

In the event the lowered libido is psychological, then there could be benefits to seeing a therapist and working out any underlying mental health issues. Otherwise, men may want to look into undergoing peptide therapy. Peptides are naturally-occurring amino acids in the body that increase the human growth hormone. Through this therapy, the pituitary gland receives stimulation, which slows down the aging process and should hopefully restore libido levels to a more desired state. Not having the sex drive we would like to have can be often frustrating and can have a negative effect on many other aspects of your life, which can lead to many more physical and mental issues. We work with you so you can deal with low libido.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are no proven negative side effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for those who are treated under a doctor’s supervision and maintain a routine testing schedule. Testosterone injections replenish low testosterone levels to normal values, making the negative symptoms of low testosterone a thing of the past. Much of the negative information found is from studies many years ago, where data was not relevant to the therapy or those who do not follow the guidelines from doctors who are specifically trained in TRT.

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