Hitting Middle-Age and What That Means to Hormone Levels


What You’ll Learn

As we discuss the impact of aging on your hormone levels, you’ll learn:

    • How getting older can have an impact on healthy hormonal balance
    • How the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can affect your everyday life
    • How hormone therapy can help you look and feel decades younger

Hormonal Imbalance: the Mid-Life Crisis You Don’t Have to Have

All through your twenties and thirties, you hear about the horrors of middle age: bald spots, sagging skin, and mysterious weight gain are just a few of the forces that are said to wreak havoc on your life as you age. And as if all that wasn’t enough to ruin the mood, the middle-age years are supposedly when your sex drive takes a nosedive as well.

Unfortunately, there is some truth to what people say – hitting middle age can be a rough ride if you aren’t prepared. But before you decide to give up on enjoying life after 40, there is some good news. Most of the issues attributed to aging are actually the cause of hormonal imbalance, a common but completely treatable issue that both men and women experience.

You’re about to get answers to all your questions about making the most of middle age, including how hormonal issues happen, how they affect your body, and what you can do to fight back. The sooner you understand what middle age means for your hormones, the faster you can start making moves to get your level back on track so you can sail through your forties, fifties, and beyond.

The Signs and Symptoms of Hormonal Deficiencies

Are you wondering if hormones could be the reason that you’ve been feeling “off” in recent years? If you’re a middle-aged man or woman and you’ve noticed a shift in your physical appearance, health, or even your emotional state, hormones definitely could be to blame.

When hormones are in balance and functioning as they should, the results are solid gold: you look and feel like the best possible version of yourself. Happy and healthy, you have both the physical energy and motivation to take on just about anything from the boardroom to the bedroom. But when an imbalance occurs, it causes a domino effect of unpleasant symptoms.

For men

Some of the symptoms of low testosterone in men (the most common hormonal imbalance for men) include:

    • Low sex drive
    • Decreased sexual performance or issues with erectile dysfunction
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Unexpected mood swings
    • A growing gut and love handles
    • Decreased muscle mass
    • Less energy
    • Thinning hair
    • Sleep problems

For women

Symptoms of low estrogen levels, one of the most widely-experienced hormone issues for women, include:

    • Weight gain
    • Disinterest in sex
    • Hot flashes
    • Irregular periods
    • Night sweats
    • Exhaustion
    • Painful sex (caused by dryness)
    • Memory loss and “brain fog”

Reasons Behind Hormonal Fluctuations

For men and women alike, the most common cause of hormonal imbalance is something that none of us can avoid: getting older. Sometimes, you can notice the signs of age-related hormone deficiencies as early as your late thirties.

But in some cases, fluctuations in hormones are connected to other conditions. In women, excess exercise, eating disorders, chronic kidney disease, and problems with the reproductive system or pituitary gland can trigger a dip in hormones. For men, hormonal issues are sometimes tied to conditions like hypogonadism.
Regardless of the root cause of your out-of-control hormones, you have options for treatment. One of the most effective and widely-used treatments for hormone imbalance is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a solution that’s solved hormonal problems for millions of people.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Your Answer to Hormone Issues

By now, you might be feeling more than a little discouraged when it comes to aging gracefully – but middle-age doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to feeling happy, confident, and healthy. Both men and women can make impressive progress with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a customizable treatment that replenishes the hormones you lack to get your body back in balance.

No two treatment plans are alike because every individual experiences hormone imbalance differently. For women, HRT could involve estrogen hormone replacement (a great option for women going through menopause) or testosterone replacement (not just for men!). Men can get rock-solid results with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and other hormone optimization solutions.

One of the most important parts of hormone therapy comes long before treatment actually begins: testing and diagnosis. First, you’ll need to see exactly which hormones are at less-than-ideal levels so that your therapy can target those deficiencies. That’s why working with a trusted provider like Focal Point Vitality is so important: the right treatment makes a world of difference for your short- and long-term results.

And it’s not just the type of hormones that you get to choose; HRT can also take several different forms. Whether you pick a pill, patch, cream, or injection, you have the advantage of selecting something that will easily fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Combined with positive lifestyle changes and stress management, HRT can get you on track to navigate aging like a pro.

Other hormonal therapies

Your body should operate as a finely-tuned machine once the benefits of HRT have the opportunity to take full effect. And if you’re still dealing with frustrating symptoms, then our work isn’t done – and the Focal Point team won’t leave you feeling less than your best.

Because we take a comprehensive approach to full-body wellness, our testing and diagnosis processes are designed to get a “big picture” view of your hormonal health. That means that we might recommend complementary therapies to address other imbalances within your body in addition to HRT.

Depending on your diagnostic lab panels, the experts at Focal Point Vitality may suggest:

    • Replacement therapy for adrenal levels
    • Replacement therapy for thyroid levels
    • Growth hormone therapy

Make Middle Age the Best Years of Your Life with HRT in Phoenix

We’ve all heard that once you hit 40, it’s all downhill from there. Don’t you think it’s about time that we start kicking that tired tale to the curb?

Thanks to advancements in age management and hormonal health, you can feel better at 40 than you ever did at 30 – or even 20. It’s like flashing back to the endless energy, frisky sex drive, and fast metabolism of your 20s, but with the added wisdom, confidence, and comfort that comes with life experience. If you ask us, that’s a winning combination that you definitely don’t want to pass up!

Trust Your Experience to the Valley’s Top Hormone Experts

As a leader in the industry and an innovator in age management, Focal Point is committed to making sure that every guest leaves us feeling like their best self. That’s why we tailor each treatment plan according to your needs and goals, targeting therapies for a smarter, more effective counterattack on the effects of aging.

You don’t have to settle for feeling like you’re out of your prime, especially not when you turn to Focal Point Vitality for help. Reclaim your youth and fight back against hormonal imbalance with HRT from Focal Point, a trusted provider of hormone therapy in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the East Valley.

Take your first steps towards eliminating the symptoms of hormonal imbalance now by contacting Focal Point Vitality to set up a consultation appointment today.


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