What Type of Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?


Has your hair been clogging up the shower drain? Maybe your signature waves have lost their luster, or there’s a baby bald spot lurking under that strategic side part of yours. Whatever it was that made you realize that your hair isn’t quite what it used to be, you might be feeling pretty panicked right about now – but you don’t have to be.

Many factors can cause hair loss, and one of the most common is mineral and vitamin deficiency. Luckily, hair loss caused by mineral and vitamin deficiencies can usually be treated easily by a professional. So no, you aren’t doomed to lose every last strand because the Focal Point Vitality experts are here to save the day.

We’re going to take a closer look at how vitamin deficiencies are linked to thinning hair so that you can pinpoint the culprit behind the loss of your lovely locks. Then, we’ll cover how to treat hair loss in women – and before long, you’ll be back to good hair days once again.

What Type of Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

Your body needs a solid supply of vitamins and minerals to run at its peak potential (yep, it turns out that all of your mom’s lectures about getting your vitamins were right!). But did you know that running short on vitamins can make you look older, more tired, and generally less attractive than you usually are? Yikes!

The good news is that there are a surprising number of scientists out there that are studying the facts behind what makes you hot versus, well, not. So, there’s plenty of scientific research that proves that deficiencies are linked to hair loss. 

If your hair is falling out and falling flat, here are some of the vitamins and minerals that you might need more of.


Women are more likely than men to have iron deficiency anemia, which might seem annoyingly unfair, but it’s true. 

So, does iron deficiency cause hair loss? The answer is a definite yes, and here’s why. Iron is a major player in the production of hemoglobin, a molecule in your blood that delivers all the key nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. When you’re running low on iron, you’re basically putting every hair follicle on the worst crash diet of all time. You end up with hair that’s hungry for nutrition, and just like you when you’re on iced coffee withdrawals, the results aren’t pretty.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency comes in as another cause of hair loss, right alongside low iron levels. Low vitamin D levels can be caused by your diet or lifestyle, and it’s actually something that a lot of women don’t even know they have.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, spend a significant amount of time indoors, or wear a lot of sunscreen (which you should be because you want to age gracefully, right?), it’s easy to end up with an inadequate supply of vitamin D. Being low in B vitamins slows down the stimulation of hair follicles and the production of new ones, seriously stunting your healthy hair growth. It’s also been linked to alopecia, an autoimmune condition known for causing bald spots. 


Odds are, you’re probably not thinking about zinc on a regular basis – but as it turns out, you should be. Zinc is a powerhouse that fuels the growth and repair of your hair tissue, and it also keeps the important oil glands around your hair follicles functioning correctly. 

So, it makes perfect sense that a zinc deficiency can cause hair loss. And this deficiency can go one step further, with a lack of zinc often leading to damage and breakage of the hair you actually have left. Losing hair and realizing that what’s left is frizzy and impossible to work with? Talk about adding insult to injury.


Although it’s rare, your hair loss could be related to a deficiency of selenium. Selenium deficiency won’t just lead to hair loss; it can also throw off your thyroid. If you think you might be low in selenium, reaching out to your doctor is a must.

What’s the Best Way to Treat Hair Loss in Women?

So, now that you know that it could be a vitamin deficiency causing your hair hardships, it’s as easy as grabbing a few bottles of vitamins the next time you’re at the store, right? Well, not necessarily. Not all supplements are created equally, so you could be throwing money down the drain – right alongside your sadly thinning strands.

Or, you could call in the professionals for faster, more effective results. If you ask us, the decision sounds pretty simple! 

At Focal Point Vitality, we can help you correct a vitamin deficiency and restore your hair at the same time. First, you’ll undergo blood testing specifically designed to catch any imbalances in critical hormones and vitamins. Not only does that make it possible to tailor your treatment, but you’ll also have a smart and simple way to measure your progress… so you won’t have to wonder if it’s working! 

Then, we’ll put together a plan of attack to take down whatever forces are wreaking havoc on your hair. Unlike many other age management clinics, we don’t count on just one treatment option; instead, we go for maximum results with minimum wait time by combining multiple treatments in tandem.

Here’s are our top treatments for hair loss in women, all of which you can incorporate into your personalized plan:

IV Vitamin Therapies

Your hair is a direct reflection of your health – so if you prioritize health and wellness, you can expect your hair to improve as well. We offer a variety of IV therapy services, making it easy to deliver a targeted blend of vitamins and minerals when you need it. 

Our wellness experts can help you choose the best IV therapies for your needs, and you can expect to be feeling the positive side effects immediately after the first treatment. A regular regimen can get your vitamin levels back where they need to be, so you’ll have happier hair – and the improved energy, focus, and immune function is an added plus!

IM Vitamin Injections

With Focal Point’s IM vitamin injections in Phoenix, you could fuel your body with a boost of all the vitamins it needs to get your hair back on track. In terms of results vs. the amount of time the treatment takes, few options beat IM injections. The injection takes just a few moments, and begins working within your body immediately. 

There are many Focal Point guests that have opted to make the injections a part of their wellness routines, visiting us regularly for optimum health. And the vitamin injections aren’t just good for supporting healthier hair; they can give you a full range of benefits that will have you looking and feeling better than you have in years:

    • Our Hot Momma shot is the ultimate fat-burning, healthy hair-nourishing, and anti-aging elixir – when it comes to preserving your youth, this is the secret you need. A blend of B12, Chromium, Carnitine, MIC, and B Complex kicks your metabolism into high gear (goodbye, muffin top!), keeps your snack cravings in check, and fills in gaps in your nutrition, all at the same time.
    • Our B12 Injection can offer just about everything a woman wants: more energy, a faster metabolism, stronger immunity, and happier moods. Think of it as the advantage you need to get back in charge of your body once and for all.
    • You know now that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the common reasons for hair loss, so it makes sense that we often include Vitamin D injections in hair restoration treatment plans. A dose of Vitamin D delivered straight to your system to deal with that deficiency? Check! 

Hair Restoration Treatments for Women

While you’re replenishing vital nutrients through IV therapy and IM injections, we can also get you started with one of our advanced non-surgical hair regeneration services. Depending on your type and severity of hair loss, we’ll put together a plan to address your unique needs. 

Your options include:

    • Microneedling using Growth Factors
    • Follicle nutrient treatments using PRP w/Acell and Exosomes
    • Professional-grade products for home use 
    • Peptide therapy, including GHK-Cu foam

Focal Point Vitality is also home to the only Head Spa in Arizona, a cutting-edge space where we’ll conduct a microscopic evaluation of your hair health and improve the condition of your scalp and follicles.

Nutrafol Vitamins

When it comes to the best supplements for hair loss, Nutrafol is a brand that’s quickly become a world leader in the industry. Their all-natural vitamins are precision-formulated to target the underlying factors that can cause women’s hair loss, then put through tough testing to make sure they actually work. Thousands of healthcare professionals have given their stamp of approval to Nutrafol, and it’s taken home some of the biggest beauty awards out there.

At Focal Point Vitality, we’re always on the lookout for new breakthrough products and treatments to help support our clients – and when we saw the impressive results of Nutrafol, we knew it was something we had to have. We’re talking 80% of women seeing better hair growth within a six-month study, and 80% also saying that their hair was finally getting thicker.

When you come to our Scottsdale age management center, you have the option to power up your treatment with the addition of a Nutrafol regimen – and why wouldn’t you want even better results, faster than you thought possible?

What Makes Focal Point Vitality Unique for Hair Restoration in Scottsdale and Phoenix?

At Focal Point Vitality, we create customized hair health plans that take a smarter, more effective approach to hair loss in women. With a combination of advanced IV therapies and IM injections, follicle nutrient treatments, premium vitamins, and sessions at our one-of-a-kind Head Spa, we won’t just get rid of thinning and baldness; we’ll completely rebalance the health of your hair. 

Our Phoenix hair restoration experts will assess the potential causes of your hair loss, tailoring a treatment plan to deliver the best possible results. You might walk into our facility feeling embarrassed or insecure, but you can bet that you’ll leave feeling like a completely new woman with a beautiful (and confident!) future ahead.

And if you feel inspired to continue on your wellness journey once your hair is looking better than ever before? Focal Point Vitality has a broad range of cosmetic procedures and women’s health and wellness services, giving you plenty of options for looking and feeling like your very best self.

Restore Your Confidence with Wellness Support from Focal Point Vitality

No woman wants to be dealing with thinning hair or bald spots – as your hair disappears, so does your confidence. But instead of just going to one of the many hair restoration therapy clinics in the Valley, where they’ll just sell you generic hair loss treatment options, why not solve the problem at the root?

Don’t let thinning hair get in the way of the life you want to live – especially not when Focal Point Vitality has the hair restoration treatments and vitamin IV therapies in Phoenix that can help. Schedule your consultation to take your first steps towards gorgeously healthy hair and a happier you today!

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