What Causes Low Estrogen in Women?

low estrogen in women

Feeling tired, flabby, and like you’re out of your prime? Maybe you’re finding it nearly impossible to get in the mood for sexual intimacy, or hot flashes, headaches, and mood swings are keeping you on edge all day long. It’s all part of getting older, right? Wrong.

Most of us assume that the aging process comes with a mile-long list of dreaded side effects. And while it’s definitely normal for your body to change as you get older, you definitely shouldn’t settle for feeling like less than your best self. In fact, aging often gets unfairly blamed for frustrating symptoms that are caused by a single (completely treatable) issue: low estrogen.

What is Estrogen? And Why Does it Matter?

Your body naturally produces estrogen, a hormone, in small but mighty amounts. Estrogen can affect everything from your weight and body composition to your mood and energy levels… and when estrogen levels are out of whack, it wreaks havoc on your body.

Usually, low estrogen levels are something that you don’t have to think about until you’re crossing the threshold into your forties or so. However, it’s not unheard of for young women to experience issues with hormonal imbalance as well. But no matter your age, symptoms, or family history of hormonal issues, you should know that you have options: an effective treatment for low estrogen is out there.

If you’re a woman that’s been feeling “off,” whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional symptoms (or a combination of all three) that you’re facing, Focal Point Vitality can help. As the leading hormone replacement therapy specialists in Phoenix, with specialized expertise in women’s health and wellness, we’re proud to have helped countless women restore hormonal balance and reclaim their lives.

Today, the Focal Point Vitality team is here to demystify the confusing and sometimes complex topic of how estrogen production plays a role in how you look and feel – and what you can do when you feel like hormonal imbalance is controlling your life.

How Low Estrogen Affects Women

Ask any of our experts what women should know about having low estrogen, and it’s pretty likely that you’ll get the same answer across the board: you should be well-aware of the symptoms of low estrogen so that you can nip the issue in the bud as soon as possible.

So, what happens when estrogen levels are low? Well, even a minor imbalance has the potential to throw off just about everything. Every woman will experience varying symptoms, but the most common signs of low estrogen levels are:

    • Lack of energy
    • Mood swings and irritability
    • Painful sex
    • Vaginal dryness due to a lack of vaginal lubrication
    • Weight gain
    • Hot flashes and night sweats
    • Headaches
    • Depression or anxiety
    • Increase in urinary tract infections
    • “Brain fog” (trouble focusing or issues with memory)
    • Dry, thin skin and limp hair

If you have even one of the symptoms above, low estrogen treatment may be a life-changing option to consider.

What Causes Low Estrogen in Women?

The cause of low estrogen can vary, and there are many different factors and medical conditions that can affect your hormones. The ovaries are responsible for estrogen’s primary production, so anything that changes ovary function can impact estrogen levels.

Easily the most common cause of estrogen imbalance is approaching menopause. Known as “perimenopause,” this stage of life usually shows up around your fortieth birthday. It’s normal, but the symptoms that come with it can be treated with hormone therapy (HRT).

For younger women that are facing decreased levels of estrogen, there’s typically a medical reason behind it, such as:

    • Premature ovarian failure
    • A history of eating disorders
    • A poorly-functioning pituitary gland
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Turner syndrome
    • Excessive exercise or extreme dieting
    • A family history of hormonal issues, including ovarian cysts

What You Can Do Today About Low Estrogen Issues

When your estrogen levels start to drop, the development of unpleasant symptoms often comes on fast and furious. In other cases, women describe a slow and steady decline that they assumed was just a part of middle age. Whatever your personal experience is with imbalanced hormone levels, know this: you can start taking steps to feel better today.

There are several different hormone therapy options, and the right match for you will depend on many factors. That’s why your first step should always be to schedule a consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable expert, like the ones at Focal Point Vitality.

Not only does our consultation process include pinpointing your hormone levels and the possible causes of imbalance, but it also dives into your family, medical, and personal history. Together, we’ll talk about your goals (for example, weight loss, energy, more increased sex drive), then explore the treatment options that are best suited to you. Simple, straightforward, and hugely informative, a consultation at our Phoenix hormone replacement therapy clinic is a must – and something you can tackle today.

From there, the treatment process will be completely tailored to your needs. Whether it’s estrogen, progesterone, or another replacement therapy that’s right for you, you’ll have a Focal Point Vitality professional with you every step of the way. And because we customize every treatment plan, you’re free to choose the options that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Why Estrogen and Progesterone Replacement Therapy is Important

You might think that improving your levels of estrogen (and other sex hormones, such as progesterone) is mainly for the purpose of resolving menopausal symptoms. But actually, there is medical advice that suggests hormone therapy is even more important than that.

If your estrogen and progesterone levels aren’t properly balanced, you are at a higher risk for cancer. Additionally, low estrogen can put you at risk for weaker bones and even osteoporosis.

So, for many women, hormone therapy isn’t just a question of improving their daily lives – it’s a matter of health as well.

Why Choose Focal Point Vitality for Hormone Therapy for Women

Focal Point Vitality is a top provider of hormone therapy in Phoenix and the surrounding valley, and we offer a diverse range of options to choose from. Our estrogen treatments use bioidentical hormones for the best possible results, supporting your body’s natural function and aiming for an ideal balance. Whether you opt for treatment in the form of pills, patches, or creams, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best HRT Phoenix has to offer.

But beyond the quality of our treatment options, Focal Point Vitality is also committed to caring for every guest as an individual – not just any other client on our list. Customized care is the foundation of our Phoenix age management clinic, and our goal is to support you in achieving the best version of your happiest, healthiest self.

Learn More About Your Low Estrogen Treatment Options at Focal Point Vitality

Don’t let low estrogen dictate your quality of life any longer – with low estrogen treatment and other hormone therapies from Focal Point Vitality; you can get a fresh start and reclaim your youthful vitality.

Take action against the effects of low estrogen and schedule a consultation at Focal Point Vitality today.

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